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Message from the Chair

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Message from the department chair

Hello, Students and Colleagues of Nano Convergence Engineering Department!

UTEP-SKU program is an academic agreement which would allow the interchange of students with the purpose of obtaining a dual degree in the nanomaterial’s development field. This program represents a multicultural experience which would provide qualified engineers with a varied and globalized technological background in nano-materials. In addition, this dual program would establish SeoKyung University (SKU) and the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) as leaders in the field of printing nano-engineering technology at a world class level.

The research involved concerns nanotechnology, or applications at the nanoscale. It has important industrial uses and is projected to become a $1 trillion business in the next 10-15 years. Nanotechnology involves reactions on the surfaces of nano-materials and is widely used in electronics. The implementation of the project objectives requires vast amounts of funds and man-power. There is no doubt that nanotechnology will create materials and structures that will have major contributions on the research front as well as business activities of global society.

Students involved in the program would acquire all the educational and cultural benefits that both institutions can offer. Both UTEP and SKU attempt to educate high qualified engineers able to deal with the future needs of this upcoming global business.

Dear fellow students!

I am sure you enjoy campus life in the Department of Nano Convergence Engineering while accomplishing your academic career with many national friends at both of SKU and UTEP. Above all, we have a strong sense of community. We are all part of a campus family where we respect and care about each other. I invite you to visit our department and discover our department's impact of excellence.


Park, Byung Woo
Department Chair

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